Two Tip Tuesday – travel day

I’m just getting home after a couple extra days visiting my parents, family and dear friend in the KC area!  Good flights, just late.  Thank you AQS Des Moines!  I enjoyed seeing friends and some of my nieces even made the drive to come see me!  I’m a lucky aunt!

Odd enough, another concert was during a quilt show! sweet!  Carrie Underwood!  She is awesome!  And take a look at the pattern on the stage.  A great quilting design!  And in the Zentangle world it is called Paradox.

image image

#1 – Zentangle patterns make great quilting designs!



When travelling, I fold my quilts.  I don’t always have room for them to be out full.  I always fold right side out.  Why?  It keeps any hard creases on the back of the quilt instead of the front.  Sure you can see a ridge where it has been folded, but that is better than creases!  I realize folding the right side inside protects the front.  You decide which you prefer.

Back of Tin Man. by D.W.

Back of Tin Man. by D.W.

Bob's Tin Man. By D.W.

Bob’s Tin Man. By D.W.









#2- Fold quilts right side out.  Refold every so often if storing for long periods of time.  This keeps the quilt from getting permanent creases in the same place.

The Tin Man quilt pictured, front and back hardly has any creases.  And it was made in 1998!!!  I made it for my husband from the silver fabric of his Halloween costume from 1993.  I was Dorothy, my husband, Tin Man.  My mom, Sscarecrow.  And my dad, Cowardly Lion!!  “Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore.”  I’ll see if I can find the infamous group photo to share with you.

I’m still working on uploading the strip cutting video I did.  I’ll let you know when I upload to YouTube or Facebook.

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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – travel day

  1. I was visiting a quilting friend of mine and she stores all her quilts spread out on the bed in her spare bedroom (wish we could all have spare rooms for that!). Another friend of mine rolls them around swim noodles and stores them on top of her book cases – no wrinkles!

  2. debbiewendt says:

    Thanks for sharing! Both are great options! True you need an extra bed. I actually have an extra bed and lay quilts flat in between shows.

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