Two Tip Tuesday – more on strips

Hello quilting friends!  I think I got my videos on cutting strips loaded to YouTube.  So, we’ll give it a go and see if the links work… fingers and toes crossed!  More on that below.  But first, I took a class on Zentangle Inspired Found Poetry from my dear friend Elisa Murphy.  You can find her on the web, Remember last week and the Paradox Zentangle pattern on the stage??  Well, we did it in class!  How fun to talk about things in one area to have them show up in another.  My poetry is below, still a work in progress!

Found Poetry D.W.

Found Poetry D.W.










Now back to strips!   A new pattern is debuting at Fall Market next week, Skinny Bits.  This is one of my “little patterns”.  It is packed with fun and instruction but small in size and cost.  Skinny Bits is made using only strips.  And some really skinny ones!  The pattern is focused on making this a table runner or bead scarf, but add more strips and you will quickly have a lap quilt or larger.  the finished quilt is below!!

Skinny Bits D.W 2016

Skinny Bits D.W 2016

It is in sewing all those strips that I want to focus my tips this week.  First, in sewing strips end to end, the ends of the strips must be 90 degrees!  (tip#1)  See video on my Wendt Quilting channel (Video cutting 90 degrees) on making sure you are getting a 90 degree cut.

Second, in cutting strips into required length, how many times to you turn your ruler to find the measurement to cut?  I hope none!  See video for my explanation.  If you cut the 90 degree end with the largest number at said end, slide ruler along strip to desired length to cut correct amount.  (tip#2)  No turning needed!  See second video (Video2 simplify cutting strips)

Wendt Quilting YouTube Channel

Third, once strips are sewn for a row, sew pieced rows together from opposite ends.  This prevents them from bowing!  (tip#3 BONUS!)  Row 1 to 2 begin seam line at the top.  Row 2 to 3 begin seam line from the bottom.  Continue across quilt sewing each subsequent row from the opposite end.

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3 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – more on strips

  1. Wow – I love your zentangle poem – awesome! Thanks for the information on Elisa!

  2. Susan says:

    Love both projects! Thanks for sharing🤗

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