Two Tip Tuesday – through the years

If only quilts could talk….

Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring

Double Wedding Ring

I would love to be able to hear what all the old quilts have to say!  This wonderful Double Wedding Ring was made for my parents when they got married.  That was 56 years ago!  (They just celebrated last week!!!  My sister, brother, myself and our families were there together to help celebrate!). I have the privilege of sleeping under this quilt when I visit my mom and dad!  I treasure the love that went into making it, the love my parents share and the love of a beautiful quilt!

This quilt does not have a label.  I’ve had to ask my mom several times who made it as I don’t remember.  This is exactly why we need to label our quilts.  My mom knows who made it for them, but unless I write it down I’m afraid I’ll forget.  I’ve said this first tip before, but it is worth repeating…

#1- always label and date your quilt!  If you are told a story of a quilt, write it down and keep it with the quilt.

While I was at my paternts’s house, I went looking for a picture of how we played with quilts.  Found it!

Family treasure!

Family treasure!

I thought we used the double wedding ring, but it was a sweet blue and pink one. AND that quilt is still around.  We used and sometimes abused those quilts.  Look closely, it is hooked onto a chain link fence!  We love them!!  And what better way to celebrate the maker, than to USE those quilts!!

I’m hoping you can find another tip in there somewhere!  My first thought is…

#2- use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.   Although, I never want to be without a quilt!  I love snuggling with quilts.

As the new year approaches, I hope you find a special quilt to make, a new technique to try, a quilt class to take and/or make time to sew with friends!  Be sure to check out (wink, wink!)  if you want a warm spot to travel to, I’ll be teaching at “Babes on the Beach Retreat” in Cocoa, FL January 20-22.  Come join the fun, sponsored by Sew Central of Merritt Island, FL.

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