Two Tip Tuesday -recovery helps

It has been an eventful new year for my hubby.  He got a new hip!!  Now the process of learning how to make the right moves, to heal and move around on his own.  With the absolute need for his computer to be close….I came up with this pouch to hang on the bed rail.  It is nothing fancy but fit the need to keep it off the bedside roller table.

I used some pre-quilted fabric and added ties.  I made them extra long to be able to position it.  He didn’t even mind it was teal and purple!

There are many “other” quilted items you can make to help fill a need.  As simple as, NEED computer in reach!

#1- Make it quilted…for a side rail pocket.

And….Happy New Year!  I had a bit of a panic a couple days ago as my website had disappeared and I didn’t even know it!  Thanks to Lenore for letting me know!  It is back up and I’m thankful it was an easy fix.  As a thank you to Lenore and all you wonderful customers, one more chance to get my THANKS discount.  Enter code THANKS for a 20% discount until January 17 at midnight.  Later that week I’ll be on a jet plane to go teach at “Babes on the Beach”.  Need a winter break or have some Christmas or Hanukkah money to spend on yourself?  Come join the fun!  There are a few spots left, contact Sew Central for all the details.  You can’t beat the price as it includes the kit, pattern, tool and instruction and more!!!


#2- give yourself a break and join the BABES quilting retreat!

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  1. What a great idea for a laptop. This will tie easily to a walker too. He will be able to “take it with him” when he is in rehab and wanting a change of scenery. It will keep it out of the way. Prayers for healing!

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