Two Tip Tuesday – blizzard

Yep, we had blizzard winds and snow today.  Part of the day I spent looking out the window when the wind would kick up, part was spent sewing and part was spent snow blowing.  Cold and wet with the wind howling made for a cold afternoon.

Tips will be simple as it is late and I’m now past Tuesday.

#1- unplug those irons!  Whether I’m at home or traveling, I always put the iron cord up on the ironing board when unplugged.  A quick glance and I know I’m safe!

#2-  pet peeve….and I’m going to get on my soapbox for this next one…. When sewing at a retreat or with friends, you do NOT need your own iron.  Get up and share!  I have been to many events, retreats, etc and people insist on having their own iron.  Nooooo, share.  You are taking the chance of overloading circuits and then where will you be…no power….no sewing….frustrated quilters.   So PLEASE, share those irons!!!

Packing for another guild program and workshop.  This time to Village Quilters of Catonsville, MD.  I’m looking forward to sharing my time in Egypt and the Egyptian Tentmakers’ work.  We will be Twirling the Brilliant Bindings tool in the Twirl-A-Tool Workshop.  (I heard there is still a couple spots open.). Last week I was in Laconia, NH with the Belknap Quilters!  I had a great time!  Thanks ladies and gentleman!! And a huge thank you to my dinner crew, my Vannas during the program and my hostess, Ila, I enjoyed being your guest!  And Sunday was spent on the Cape with the retreaters from Emma’s Quilt Cupboard.  I love being with like minded people!!

in quilting, Debbie

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