Two Tip Tuesday – show loss

I hate to start my blog this week with a negative…but I must.  One of my Boxy Bags was stolen out of my booth during the AQS show in Daytona Beach.  The empty hook shown below is where one of my Boxy Bag samples had hung.

Empty hook

It is a shame someone stole this bag.   The bag was made for me by a friend to use as one of the bags for the pattern cover.  It has multi colored squares with small embroidery designs on each square.  The photo below shows what the bag looks like.  The third one down.  If anyone sees it, please let me know!  Or request they send it back to me.

Multi color Boxy Bag









Please keep your eyes open when attending a show.  This is my life and the life of many of my friends in the industry.  I’m going to get on my soap box about stealing…as I said above, this is my life, job, income.  Stealing is wrong and copying patterns is wrong!  If you see something, say something!

Two Tips will resume next week.

In quilting,


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