Two Tip Tuesday – missed weeks

Well, hello again!  It has been a bit hectic with Quilt Market…see booth photos below…my Wendt Quilting booth and my new “By The Numbers” quilts and patterns in the “By The Numbers” booth!

Wendt Quilting

Wendt Quilting
























…also busy with….the return and getting ready to be the featured designer on  I’m almost set with showing the quilt that will be the free pattern from me.  I will post when it is done.

In working on this quilt, I’m drawing sewing lines.  Yes, I still draw lines.  I prefer them to several other methods out there.  Why?  Accuracy, simple (no gadgets), and quick to execute.  All you need is your cut pieces, a pencil and ruler.  A few tips on what makes this fly for me…

#1- use a pencil with a soft lead.  My favorite is shown below.  PaperMate.  I’ve been using this particular brand and exact one for years.  Still glides the best over your fabric!

#2- Hold the pencil at an angle as you drag it along the ruler for a smooth ride over the fabric.

#3- Go ahead and draw your second line to sew on for making a half square triangle with the extra cut off corners.  Use the extra triangles to make add to your project, add to your stash or create a pillow, dresser scarf or table runner with the leftovers!








Tune in next week for the results!

AND are you an AQS member?  Check out the “first page when starting at the back” of the July American Quilter magazine.  I’m the featured “I am AQS” member!!  It was such an honor to be chosen!  And I had a lot of fun telling my story!  Look for me there!

Debbie Wendt
Photo by Bonnie McCaffery

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – missed weeks

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Great tips and love working with pencils. Great looking picture of you, Debbie🤗

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