Two Tip Tuesday – “I Am AQS”

The American Quilter magazine July issue arrived yesterday!!!  And there it was…on the first page if you start from the back…

American Quilter – July 2017

I’m so proud and excited to be chosen for the article.  If you are not an AQS member and want a copy, you can find the information on their website,  As the article says, I’ve been a member for most of the at last 30 years.  This issue has the winners from Spring Paducah Quilt Week and Lancaster.  Quite a lot of eye candy!!

Last week I promised the photo of the finished quilt for the International Quilters Association blog….well, it doesn’t get posted until tomorrow so I will wait for the reveal there before I show you here.  But, I’ll give you a sneak peak at one of the blocks in the quilt below!  For those of you who participated in Block Stock this year, you might recognize the block.  I’m excited how the quilt turned out.  Stay tuned!

“Won’t You Be…” block

In sewing the above mentioned quilt, I had a BUNCH of cut off corners when I made the units.  So, I used them as Starters and Enders!  Now, I have a bunch of half squares to use in another project!  Much better than having a bunch of pieces that will only be thrown away.  Checkout the piles below…what usually is the starters and Enders vs. sewn half squares ready to press, trim and use!



#1- Use cut off triangles as Starters and Enders to make half squares!

Half Squares sewn…more useful!

Usual Starters and Enders









One of the questions I am asked a lot is “How and where do I unpick stitches in the middle of a seam to have that seam change directions?”  This will be my second tip for today!

#2 – Opposing seams in the center of a block.  Some say to twirl the seam.  See photos and instructions below!

Crossed seam stitches.
Only unpick first two
stitches in seam allowance
in green fabric

Seam on opposite side
only unpick two stitches










Open seams of unpicked
stitches. See some still
holding on.

Press open
Seam on left going down
Seam on right goin up







in quilting,


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