Two Tip Tuesday – Summer

Summertime and what are your quilting plans?  Do you have any?  As I mentioned last week I am the featured designer over at Patchwork Posse.  I think my “Won’t You Be…” quilt would be a great summer project!  You could collect fabrics as you travel and then make a quilt to remember the shops you visited and fun you had along the way.

#1- Buy a piece of fabric from every shop you visit the summer!  Make it worth the stop and fun to remember where you have been.

Are you doing the Row by Row this summer?  It starts tomorrow, June 21st!  The theme is “On the Go”.  So, I’m GOing tomorrow to start collecting!  Not sure I will make a quilt, but I love collecting the patterns!  Then I’m looking forward to heading to Vermont for the Vermont Quilt Festival this weekend.  I’m not vending, so I’m looking forward to actually seeing a show!!

My next project is waiting to be quilted.  So the batting is relaxing.  Yep! Relaxing.  I don’t want any fold lines in the batting when I start.  I lay the batting over the frame so it can relax.

#2- Let you batting relax to remove the fold lines.

I could fluff it in the dryer but usually let it rest.  It doesn’t take more than a few hours, but mine has been sitting for a few days… I better get to quilting!

GO, sew, collect and quilt!

And stay cool!

in quilting,


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