Two Tip Tuesday – Summer Quilts

I had a successful, FUN trip to the Vermont Quilt Festival.  Great to see friends and quilts. It only took an extra 4 hours to get up there.  A couple quilt shops and Vermont Country Store were must do’s on the way!  And I followed my tip last week…I bought some fabric or made a purchase at each stop!

One of the highlights was going to the Shelburne Museum.  I knew they had quilts on display but did not realize how many old houses, buildings, artwork and even a train and paddle boat we could walk through.  (We didn’t walk through the artwork, but enjoyed it just the same.)

Take a look at my two favorites below!  Be sure to read the bit about “turkey red”.

Appliqué and Pieced Mexican Rose 1850
Shelburne Museum

Appliqué and Pieced Coxcomb Pomegranate 1850-70
Shelburne Museum







LOVE the border on only two sides!  My guess is the bed the quilt was made for was against a wall.  What do you think?  Who ever said it has to be on all sides?!?






Lets talk summer quilts… What batting will you use?  Or no batting?  I’m trying a “washable wool” by “Quilter’s Dream Batting” for the first time.  It is nice, light and thin.  It has some loft when it is quilted.  My go to favorite is 100% Bamboo by “Winline.”  I love how thin and light it is.  Great hand and washes to a soft drapy quilt.   How about using flannel?  It will be light and super thin.  Old time summer quilts often didn’t even have batting.  A top and back, that was it.

#1- Try different battings a for the effect you want.

#2- To keep it real cool, don’t use any batting!

Tonight we had a great thunderstorm.  Rumbles!!  And a beautiful rainbow that turned into a double (my camera barely shows it).

Double Rainbow 6/27/17 D.W.

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