Two Tip Tuesday – playing with ties

Remember that box of ties?  I’m playing with some of them today.  Working on a block for a new class I’m developing for the Blackstone Valley Heritage Quilters Guild.  I’m using a muslin foundation because most of the ties are silk and I’m going to leave the foundation in after the block is made.  This will help stabilize the silk!

Silk is slick!  After I sewed a piece to the muslin foundation, I used a pin to keep the fabric in place.  (I did not want to use glue with the silk.)

Pin to hold in place.

I put the next piece in place and again, used pins.  This time I put the pins on the unstitched side so it would be easier to removed as I sewed the seam.  The pin is hiding up by the blue tape.








#1- Place pins on the unstitched side to have easy access to remove them as you are sewing.

Once the seam was sewn, I needed to trim up the threads, keeping my work as tidy as possible.  If you pull up the top thread, the bottom thread will come to the top in a little loop.  One snip and both threads are cut at the same time!

#2- Pull up top thread to reveal bottom thread and cut both at once.  Saves time and keeps work neat and tidy!

Don’t forget the Teal Mini Swap over at Eva Paige Quilt Designs…there is still time to join!

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