Two Tip Tuesday – ties block

I finished the block using the neck ties.  I LOVE it!  Now to decide quilting and get it finished into a pillow.

NYB Neckties

The inspiration was from a pillow I found on Pinterest.  Posted by  Her block and post can be found HERE   The pattern was from a New York Beauty Quilt Along Block 5 from  The block can be found HERE  As you will see I made my center plain like Lindsey Rhodes did of lrstitched.  Love her colors but I’m thrilled with how the ties look in this New York Beauty Block.


#1 – Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas.  (HOWEVER, please be sure to find the source of the photo and give credit where credit is due!)

I manage to go through a lot of thread!  Do you?  A trick I’ve done for years is to make sure the thread label stays on the spool.  (Yes, the photo is Coat and Clark.  I still use it for a lot of my piecing.  I’ve heard pros and cons for all threads out there.  So, no judgements here!)  Back to my trick.  Use a pen to punch the label into the hole of the spool.  Then the label stays on the spool and you can keep track of type, color, weight, etc!!

#2 – Use a pen to punch hole into spool.

Happy piecing!

in quilting,


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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – ties block

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Love, love the ties block design plus the tip of thread label on spools. Thanks!
    Have a grand time in Grand Rapids and with your mom🤗

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