Two Tip Tuesday – seams and such

Ive been working on new patterns for Fall Market!  That means time at my machine and many seams to sew.  I can’t show you the pattern just yet, but I’ll show the seams.  I wanted the fabrics to pop off the background fabric so that meant seam allowances were pressed in the same direction.  So how to join them?  Same as any other seam but carefully!  Not difficult, just be aware of where to put the pins.

Wendt Quilting

Wendt Quilting

Seam align!









I place the seams together and then take a peek at where the 1/4″ seam will come across the join.  Then I place the pin in the backgrounds so the seam does not slip as I sew.  I do NOT remove the pins until I get right (almost) on it.  I’ve been known to go over the pin, one stitch at a time.  I do not run the machine, I carefully turn the hand wheel (remember most machines are always toward you) to complete the stitch.  Going slow like this allows the needle to slowly cross the pin and you are less likely to break a pin or bend the needle.  There were several tips in this paragraph, but a takeaway…

#1- Pin directly at the seam line to keep the fabrics from shifting.

#2- Sew one stitch at a time to be sure the fabrics do not shift when sewing a seam intersection.

I’ve also been working on my kits for the Fall Paducah classes in just two short weeks.  Will I see you there?





And I’ll be at the New England Quilt Museum on Thursday, September 7th for the Brown Bag Lecture.  I’ll be presenting “Bindings Aren’t Boring, They’re BRILLIANT”. Below is a couple quilts I will be showing on binding options.

Wendt Quilting

I hope you you will join me at one of my upcoming events!!

And speaking of Fall Market and also Festival in Houston, much of Texas and now Louisiana…Prayers to all affected by Hurricane Harvey! Many friends and family have been in harms way and we are thinking of YOU!

in quilting,


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