Two Tip Tuesday – Brilliant Bindings (multi-purpose!)

In gearing up for the next few quilt shows, my husband and I have been getting tools ready to take.  That means peeling the paper off one side, putting the instructions into the bag and adding the tool.  YES, we “stuff” every one!

Why go through all that??….I was determined to have clear concise instructions with color photos to take you through ALL the binding steps.  By placing both is a zip top bag, your instructions can stay right with the tool.  So, keep those instructions with their respective tools!!  That my friends is my first tip.  I do this with every tool I buy.  If it didn’t come with a bag, then I put all the instructions in one spot so I’m sure not to loose them.  There is my second tip!

If you are local to me, I’ll be giving the Brown Bag lecture on Thursday at the New England Quilt Museum.  “Bindings Aren’t Boring, They’re BRILLIANT!”  Join me  at 12:30!

How is Brilliant Bindings multi-purpose?  Let me count the ways…

  1. To make perfect mitered corners on you quilt.
  2. Finish the binding tail ends (perfect join!).
  3. Used for ALL binding widths.
  4. Longarm version for binding the quilt before it is removed from the frame.
  5. Longarm tool also used as a straight edge for quilting.
  6. Used as a cutting template for my “Tool” and “Brilliant” patterns.
  7. Helps with mitered borders (see free handout on my website).
  8. Great 1/4″ markings for adding a seam allowance when paper/foundation piecing.
  9. Makes a simple braid (see free pattern on my website).
  10. Makes a great ribbon pillow (also free pattern).
  11. Great 2″ square up (miter end of tool).

….And there are more!!   What other use(s) have you found for Brilliant Bindings?  I’d love to hear them!  Please share by replying below.  I’ll enter you in a drawing to win my newest pattern debuting at Quilt Market in October.

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  1. Hope you have fun at your shows after all that hard work!!!

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