Two Tip Tuesday – Fall Paducah

Huge thanks to AQS, students and shoppers!  I enjoyed being in Paducah for the Fall show.  On our drive to Paducah we did a side trip to Niagra Falls.  Fun to take my mom on Maid of the Mist, she’s wanted to go on the boat for years.  Great surprise!

Look at those blues!

#1- Look at nature for color inspiration.

In Paducah, I taught two classes, gave a 10 minute demo in the All- Star Review and a 20 minute talk in the Learning Center.  (Rode on a golf cart from the convention center to the Pavilion in the rain with no windshield!  That was fun!). The first day of the show found my mom “hiding” in the corner.  Not really, but she almost blended into my Brilliant Ribbons quilt.





When shopping at a quilt show…don’t forget to return and buy.  I appreciate those that returned and are now happy owners of Brilliant Bindings!  With a lot of my focus on bindings and trapizoids, I love answering questions and seeing “ah-ha” moments.

For the Trapunto class, we compared the difference between one and two layers of poly high loft batting.  Which do you like?  My take is use what works for the project.  More puff?  Two layers (on right in photo).  Less puff?  One layer (on left in photo below).

#2- Choose batting based on how high you want your design to puff up.

in quilting,


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