Two Tip Tuesday – Market sewing

Fall Quilt Market is fast approaching.  That means sewing, sewing, sewing!  I’m working on a “Cuddle” quilt and had some leftovers.  So, I decided to add a pillow as a bonus to the pattern.  In working with plush fabric there are some tricks to make things easier.  One, don’t rush!  Soft, plush fabric has a nap.  And it is best to take it slow when sewing.  Also, a wider seam helps.  The pillow below is from the leftovers I mentioned.  Love the teal/gray combination!  Pieces are sewn and ready for trimming.

Cuddle Pillow

#1 – Slow down when sewing Cuddle!







In lining up the edges for sewing a seam, I found if I smooth my finger between the layers to smooth out the nap it will lay nice and flat.

Cuddle Seam
Nap of fabric

Cuddle Seam
Smooth nap with fingers

Cuddle Seam
smooth and ready to sew

#2 – Smooth nap of fabric with your fingers when sewing seams.  It helps keep the fabric together and lay flat for stitching.

Give it a try next time you work with soft Cuddle.  It really made sewing the seams so much easier!

AQS Quilt Week in Des Moines is next week!!  Will you be there?  Come by and see me in my Wendt Quilting Booth #1124.  Be sure to register for my lecture “Bindings a World of Options”.  A favorite for getting binding ideas!

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