Two Tip Tuesday – Market prep

Fall Quilt Market is just over a week away.  I’m putting the final touches on my NEW patterns.  I’ll share two with you this week and the big reveal next week.  Two new patterns are under the “By The Numbers” category.  Look for them on the website in a week or so.

“Won’t You Be…” is now a little “By The Numbers” pattern.  It is packed with instructions and diagrams.  The quilt has been posted before but here is another look.

“Won’t You Be…” D.W.








The second is another BTN pattern.  “Focus Plush Plus” is all about yummy!  Simple design and awesome Cuddle fabric.

“Focus Plush Plus” D.W.

I’m thrilled with how it turned out!  It is a variation of Gina Zeleznok’s Modern Focus pattern.  YES, I have permission!  It will add to the BTN fabric system with using extra wide Cuddle fabric.  Cuddle is 58/60″ wide.  It makes a large quilt quick and easy.

I’ve given tips for working with “plush” fabrics in past posts.  But, I have a few more to add here…

A quilt can get heavy when Cuddle is used on the front and back of the quilt.  Add batting to the mix, even heavier.  I LOVE the weight but it is awkward to get it to stay on a cutting mat when trimming.  Tip shown in photo below…

Quilt on chair
Keeping it off the floor

#1 – Use a chair to hold a quilt off the floor and closer to the cutting table.

Once cuddle is cut and the fluff is removed with a vacuum or shaken, the edges will not fray further.  This makes it easy to bind the raw edge.  The “Focus Plush Plus” quilt has a raw edge back to front binding.  The backing was cut 1″ wider than the quilted top and brought around to the front.  No turning under necessary!!  Edge stitch the raw edge and ta-da, DONE!


Raw Edge Back to Front Binding D.W.

#2 – Raw edges of Cuddle does not fray after the initial fluff fibers are removed from the cut edge.  No need to turn under the edge of the binding.  Leave it a raw edge and stitch in place!

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