Two Tip Tuesday – missed and hand quilting

Last week flew past!  I was in Des Moines for the AQS Quilt Week setting up my booth on Tuesday.   Sorry to miss Two Tips.  But, I did have an great week.  Thanks for everyone who came to the booth!  And all those who attended my lecture, “Bindings a World of Options”!!  It is always great to share quilt-y knowledge and give ideas for bindings.  There truly are many options to make those bindings brilliant!

Catching up on tips….I’m working to finish my Teal Mini for Joanne and decided to go back to my love of hand quilting.  I forgot to bring my handwork box so I was hand quilting without a thimble.  Not good for me.  Needle through my NAIL, not my finger!

#1- Wear a thimble, avoids holes in your fingernails!

I did meandering quilting lines across the mini and “winged” where the lines would go.  One way to audition a line is to lay the thread in the general direction and curve of where you want to go.  See photo below…

#2 – Lay thread out in a curve or straight line to audition where to quilt.

Another way to draw a quilting line is with the needle.  Drag it along the fabric and a line will be indented in the fabric.  Follow the line!










#3 – “Scratch” a line in the fabric with your quilting needle to have a line to follow for quilting.

#4 – a Hera marker also works well in “creasing a line in the fabric to follow for quilting.  I love to do this when machine quilting straight lines.  No pen/pencil marks to remove!

I can’t show the whole project as it is still a surprise for my swap partner.  I just finished the binding and getting ready for the label so it can be on its way!

The thread I used is from Susan Cleveland’s “Spagetti” collection.  It is a thicker 12 wt. from WonderFil.  LOVE the bright colors!

“Spagetti” collection by Susan K Cleveland
from WonderFil Specialty Threads

in quilting,


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