Two Tip Tuesday – reporting in

Hello quilting friends!  I was on the road on Tuesday, but now home and unpacking from my last four quilting shows.  Yay!  Finished for this year’s quilting season.  It has been a lot of fun but I’m ready for a little break.   I loved meeting so many at the shows and in my classes this year.

And speaking of break….Christmas is coming rapidly fast this year. As they say in New England, “wicked” fast!  Will you be sewing?  I’ll be working on a few new patterns, but not sewing presents.  ( At least that is the current plan!). But I have to show you what a customer shared with me in Houston.  She bought the Snuggle Tails patterns last year in November and look at her results a month later….

Snuggle Tails
From Sara B.

Thank you for sharing, Sara B!!.  I LOVE them!!!!  Sara is from Burton, Texas.  I love seeing the results from my patterns!  She did an amazing job!





Just look at the fun the kids are having.  And by-the-way, you can make them any/every size…for kids! adults!! On your list.

Snuggle Tails – Sara B.

Some tips for speeding up the process of making Snuggle Tails… Make several at a time!  I have done this with baby quilts and I’ve suggested making panels for the tails.  That is exactly what Sara did.  She shared with me her process.  Great for the tips this week.  She made two “tops” of clamshells for the Mermaids and added the tail/fins later.

#1- Create a quilt top of clamshells.  Use it to cut out the tails.  This saves piecing each separately.

#2- Sara quilted the “top” on her longarm adding beautiful clams, pearls and mermaids.

See the detail work below.  I love how each is slightly different!  The Orca was done in nylon ski jacket fabric!  So very clever!  And she won First Place in her guild’s Quilt Show…CONGRATULATIONS!

Snuggle Tails!!
From Sara B.

Snuggle Tails!!
From Sara B.

What will be under your machine in the next month?!?  Please share!  I’d love to include you in my blog.

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