Two Tip Tuesday – thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!  I am thankful for many things.  First and foremost, FAMILY!  I love them dearly, near and far.  In my quilting journey, I am thankful for all of you, my customers, students and friends.  Thank you all, my life has been blessed with you in it!

Tips for quilting seems minor in importance this week as we celebrate time with family and friends.  So, I will keep it short and simple.  Find things you love to do and do it!  When I travel, you know, I always have hand work with me. I’m still having fun making my muslin foundation Wonderful Little World pieces.  My latest tree below!

Wonderful Little World Tree D.W.

Also, this week I’m trying a new to me product.  EZ Piecing by Comp-U-Wear.  It is a product that is for foundation piecing.  It is designed for machine foundation piecing but it is so soft, I am hand foundation piecing.  Great to work with.  See the boat I’m working on.  And YES, I did add the pieces to the wrong side.  But, I just left it.  So, the sail is the other directions, no worries!

EZ Piecing foundation

#1- Try different products for the same technique.

#2- Try a new product.  I’m trying EZ Piecing foundations.

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