Two Tip Tuesday – visit a local quilt shop

I’m seeing posts from quilt shops that Saturday, January 27th is support your local quilt shop day.  So, what will you be doing on Saturday?  I hope you will indulge yourself and find a shop!  I’ll be teaching Snuggle Tails – Mermaid at Emma’s Quilt Cupboard in Franklin, MA.  There is still time to prep and take the class.  Give them a call to SIGN UP!!  Class will be focused on making a “plain” version but the pieced braid and applique clam shells will be demonstrated.  See the versions below.  The pattern is available in the shop and as always, on my website.

Snuggle Tails ~ Mermaids

Cuties in their “plain” Snuggle Tails! D.W.

Pieced and Applique tails at my guild’s show two years ago.  Third place ribbon!


And look at my friend’s kids in their plain version that she made for them.

#1 – Make them big so they can grow into them!

In collecting my samples, I came across the start of a small braid version.

Snuggle Tails – pieced version D.W.

I used 2 1/2″ strips and cut the trapizoids shorter with my Brilliant Bindings tool.

Using Brilliant Bindings to cut trapizoids for a braid!

You can find the simple braid pattern as a free handout on my website.  The prairie braid style is in the Snuggle Tails patterns and in the Brilliant Braid  pattern, also available online.

Back to the beginning of this post…I’ll be visiting a quilt shop on Saturday, will you?!?

#2- Visit your local quilt shop and give support!  I want them around for years to come.  Please go and buy something great for your quilting needs!

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