Two Tip Tuesday – Deep Freeze

It is winter out there.  And we are getting more snow and cold.  I know several areas of the US are already frozen.  So, what do you do during inclement weather.  Sew?  Cuddle under a quilt?  Bake?  And how many layers of clothes do you wear or just turn up the heat?  My answers, yes to all!  I love to wear my chenille scarf during the really cold days.  The picture below is some of the ones I’ve made.

Chenille Scarves D.W.

Did you know I self published a Chenille book?  “Chenille Made Easy on the Longarm” gives instruction on using a longarm to make chenille; scarves, clothing, chenille strips.  The book is available on my website.

Chenille Made Easy on the Longarm by D.Wendt

Chenille has been around a while and still going strong.  It is fun to make and so soft and yummy to wear.

#1 – Make chenille for a warm and fuzzy project.

I like to use 5 layers for Chenille.  The middle does not get cut, the top and bottom 2 do.  I also use 3/8″ channels.  1/4″ is too narrow and 1/2″ is too wide.  To get the best fray with chenille, be sure the sewing lines are at right angles to the grain of fabric.

#2 – Use 3/8″ channels for chenille.

Stay warm!

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