Two Tip Tuesday – follow up and new sample

I love posting my student’s work.  Below are five finished Neck Tie Pillows!!  A great way to make keepsakes from neck ties!

Neck Tie Pillows

Neck Tie Pillows










I appreciate the girls sharing their work!  They are very different in the tie choices they made yet show beautifully together.

My new sample projects are the quilts in the “Hex-a-ma-jig” template instruction booklet.  I will be showing the six quilts from the booklet over the next several weeks.  Not only are you getting instructions of how to use the tool, but quilts that can be made cutting all the different shapes from ONE tool, Hex-a-ma-jig!

First up is the traditional Flower Garden using half hexies.  An old favorite using Kaffe fabrics and black and white polka dot background.  I love how the background helps the fabrics pop.  The first picture is auditioning some fabric choices.

Flower Garden Audition









The final quilt has a change in arrangement and fabric.  (Not enough of one fabric.)

#1 – Don’t be afraid to change up fabrics from original audition.  Sometimes you just run out of fabric and need to substitute!

And speaking of changing up fabrics…..Look at the center flower, it felt wrong.  I said to a friend, “I need to change that one fabric”.  She turned around and said, yes the bottom one in the center flower!  Bingo!  Both of us were on the same page of what just didn’t work.  And notice the arrangement changed from the original bit of fabric layed out on the cutting board.  Another half hexie was cut and placed.  YES, that did it!  It is a tiny change but made me happy and the flower feels complete.

Flower Garden audition








#2 – If it feels wrong….change it!  My portable design wall works great for travel.

And finally, when on a quilting Getaway I love the inspiration and the universe telling me I made the right patterns…

Snow covered garden.

there was more!









Both at the same coffee shop on the Cape!  And verb-age to know you are in New England!!

in quilting,


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