Two Tip Tuesday – “Fat Tuesday”

So what do you do for “Fat Tuesday”?  I’ve been cooking up a favorite, Crawfish Ettouffe.  Not much quilting today.  We lived in Louisiana for two very wonderful years.  And there, gained a love of crawfish.  Nothing quite like their local crawfish but I tried.  Without green peppers in the house, I got a different look and taste with a different recipe.  Not worth repeating, but great colors!

And the dark cherry scones was my substitute for King Cake.  I got the purple in there with the cherries but only green in the spatula.  HA!  Oh well, all in all, a fun cooking day.

So, does food inspire your colors?  What about holidays?

I need to dig out my Mardi Gras fabric and make a table runner.

#1 – Find color inspiration for quilts in food!  TeeHee!

On to another quilt using my new tool, “Hex-a-ma-jig”.  Baby (or tumbling) Blocks!  It was fun to play with Peppered Cottons.

“Hex-a-ma-jig” Baby Blocks









And speaking of solid fabrics…I got to see this wonderful quilt made with my By The Numbers pattern, “Done by Three”!  I love what Nora did!  I can’t tell you any more, as it might be a present.  You can find the mentioned tool and pattern on my website,!!

“Done by Three”

#2 – Try using solids or peppered cottons!  Great to show off a design.

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