Two Tip Tuesday – late but SHOW time

Welcome to Daytona Beach AQS quilt week!  My first show of the year.  I was in the throws of setting up my booth day before yesterday and two tips skipped right on by.  I’m happy to report, the booth is setup and today was a great first day of the show!

Wendt Quilting booth #1118
Daytona Beach Quilt Week

No walk on the beach, yet, but a relaxing sit in the hot tub helped ease the knot in my back.  Oh, the fun of setup. Don’t get me wrong, I love shows but some days the body doesn’t!!

I’m going to keep this short.  A great big welcome to some new followers and I’m thankful for those of my long time supporters!

New Hex-a-am-jig quilts!

#1- Grab a friend and go to a quilt show!

#2- Say hi to the vendors!  We’ve come a long way to bring you our quilty goodness.  A smile goes a long way and is greatly appreciated!!

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