Two Tip Tuesday – Thank You Daytona Beach

Thank you to those who came to the booth and purchased patterns, tools and quilty notions!  Even though the weather got cooler, we still had beautiful sunshine.  Below are a few of the quilts near my booth and favorites!

“Village” by Rose Valentine

“Razzle Dazzle” by Karen Dever and Jo Kuchera

“North by Northwest” by Gloria Seibel









I love so much about these quilts.  Scrappy!  Very well done!  Amazing piecing and applique!

And I’m still taking pictures of floors and walls!  Here is inspiration of a different sort.  Carpet and picture in a hotel.  Ha!  But seriously, inspiration!  And look at these colors of central Florida.  There is a baby alligator in there but very difficult to see.








#1 – Get inspiration from quilt shows!!

#2- Get inspirations from EVERYTHING around you.

in quilting,


P.S.  I’ll be back to sewing next week!

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