Two Tip Tuesday – Longarm Quilting

Hello my quilty friends!  I had a birthday since last week.  I’m still a bit of a goof and my friends help me add to my “goof-dom”.  Me on my birthday!  I’m a huge minion fan, oh and I like glow in the dark things!  TeeHee!  So you get to see me having birthday fun.

Happy Birthday to me.









Now to quilting, at Lancaster I had a longarm quilter ask about my quilts.  She ask who quilted my quilts.  I do my own.  BUT I have several new quilts that are waiting to be quilted.  So I sent one home with her.  Have any of you used a longarm quilter?  That is how I started my quilting business journey.  I have since stopped quilting for customers.  So, do you have quilts waiting to be quilted?  How about hiring a longarm quilter?  I’ll give some of my tips below.

I was excited to see how she quilted my Modern Hex-a-ma-jig quilt.  This was made completely with my new Hex-a-ma-jig template.  I love how Kim Werth of Rochester, NY quilted my quilt.

Hex-a-ma-jig D.W.

Back of Hex-a-ma-jig D.W.

A few of tips to think about when hiring a longarmer.

  1. Look at their work.
  2. Find out pricing, extra charges, etc.
  3. Turn around time.
  4. Have an idea of what quilting you want.  Or just as important, what quilting you do not want.
  5. You will also be choosing thread and batting.
  6. Backing will need to be a minimum of 4″ larger than quilt top.  Some Longarmers want more.
  7. Trust is important on both sides!

Those are a few things I recommend and the tips to hire someone that will do a good job for you.

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