Two Tip Tuesday – Market Prep

As promised I took a photo of my Half Hexie quilt.  All those miters took some time but I love the result!

Half Hexies with

I’ve been busy quilting several other Hex-a-ma-jig quilts.  These quilts/designs are included in the Hex-a-ma-jig instructions.  One tool, six quilts right off the bat.  Hex-a-ma-jig is on my website! Hex-a-ma-jig I will be featuring the tool and quilts at Spring Quilt Market next week in Portland, OR.  Three others are shown below.  YES!  I love to quilt feathers.  I had a lot of fun with these feathers.

Flower Garden

Mixed FlowerGarden













And with the Baby Blocks (or Tumbling Blocks) I took a straight approach, literally.  The front of the block is a “Zentangle” inspired design called “paradox”.

Hexie Baby Blocks
with “Paradox”

Hexie Baby Blocks









My tips today were inspired by my dear friend Kim.  She layed out her quilt blocks while we were in Paducah so we could give her advice on the layout.  She had her blue painters tape in hand.  My question to her, “what will you do with the tape, mark the rows”.  “No, to tape the blocks together in the row,” ….BRILLIANT!  I told her I’m stealing the idea for Two Tips!  And then as most of us do, mark the row number to keep track.  She marked it right on the tape.  After rolling up the rows we realized she needed to have the number on the outside edge to be sure to find it.

Blue Tape on blocks

Row number on blue tape









#1- Use Blue tape on blocks to keep then in their row.

#2 – Mark Row # on the blue tape.

I’m looking forward to meeting those attending Quilt Market!  I’ll be on the “road” next week on Tuesday, but I hope to check in with some tips.

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  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Interesting use of blue tape from Kim.

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