Two Tip Tuesday – back to quilting

The binding on the Half Hexie quilt is DONE!  All the miters took some time but I love the look it gave this quilt. Photos next week when I can get outside in the sun.

I’m back to piecing and quilting.  Some days it is good to turn on some music and quilt.  One of my favorites to quilt to is Sting and photo to verify!  Love his music and love that I got to see him in concert in Egypt, YES, really!  Concert was in front of the Giza pyramids and Sphinx!!!

Best of STING!!

When I need mindless quilting, I pick a pantograph or a favorite freehand design.  My music helps me “dance” with my longarm.  I’m not trying to be corny.  Seriously, I can relax and follow the line.  No thinking needed.

One of my favorite pantographs is Feather Strippy Bar by Kathie James.  It is a number of years old but great for putting on a simple strippy quilt.  (Note the magnets on my Nolting longarm table.  They are the freebee frig magnets you get in the mail.  I use them to hold my pantos in place.)

Feather Strippy Bar
by Kathie James




And one of my new favorite things to freehand quilt is  meandering boxes.  Over and over and in and out.  Doesn’t matter which way I go, as long as my lines are relatively straight and I quilt a box and on to the next.

Boxes quilting, on Cuddle!

Boxes quilting, on batik.









What is under your machine or longarm?

#1 – Music helps keep time with your quilting.  And I prefer smooth, nothing loud and aggressive.  (But, listen to what you like!)

#2 – Relax when you quilt!  Pick something you LOVE to quilt.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it needs to be fun for YOU!

I can’t show you the quilt just yet.  Maybe in a couple weeks once I’ve been “home” to KC.  (wink, wink!)

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1 Response to Two Tip Tuesday – back to quilting

  1. Carolyn Reece says:

    Loved your comment about music, “Sting”, while you quilt…

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