Two Tip Tuesday – on the road again!

Neither rain, sleet or snow will keep me from getting to Houston!
Yes, I’ve had it all!  I’m driving to Houston and talk about a LONG drive. Today I had a prettier view out my windshield.








And look, I get to park with the BIG kids!!

I looking forward to Market and Festival so I can reveal my new tool and the Booth Hop quilt. The tool will be first in a couple days and then the quilt will have a place of honor in my Festival Booth #108 I’m #110 for Market. Come on by and see what is new.
#1 – Look at the booths when you walk a show, we have come a long way to get here! (I think hear a song in the background.)

#2 – both hands on the wheel…  Steering wheel!  Only one needed for the hand wheel of your machine.  Did you know you always turn your hand wheel towards you on almost every sewing machine.  It you turn it away it will take the top thread into the bobbin and make a big mess.

Nighty night and quilty dreams!!

Oh, and congrats to the Red Sox!!  World Series Champs!!!

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