Two Tip Tuesday – After Market and Festival

Last week I was on the road returning from Houston Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival.  Good time was had by ALL!!  Except for the drive back.  The snow and ice in Pennsylvania….YES, we got caught in it.  An extra day and night in a hotel, but good to be safe and off the roads!

I’m excited to share with you some pictures of my Market and Festival booth.  First Market…. (sorry for the blur, new phone and learning I need to hold still longer)  Note the 13 quilt hanging in the back corner and table runner on the demo table.  ALL 14 are made with Brilliant Bindings!  A great showing of all the additional benefits of Brilliant Bindings and using it as a cutting template!!

Fall Quilt Market 2018 D.W.

Fall Market 2018 side view







…as promised, my NEW tool!!!  I welcomed in and introduced Hex-a-ma-jig Jr.  A smaller version of Hex-a-ma-jig perfect for 2 1/2″ strips!  The quilt featured in my Market booth is made with “Junior”.  The smaller versions of the original Hex-a-ma-jig quilts show the size difference between the two.  The batik quilt was made with one Tiki Roll by Sew Batik (that is 40 – 2 1/2″ strips!!  Note their “roll” has 2 each of 20 strips.)


Hex-a-ma-jig Jr. will be up on my website in a couple days, just in time for Small Business Saturday!  Please visit my website to order “Junior” and my other tools and patterns.

#1 – Do you have have a roll of 2 1/2″ strips laying around?  “Junior” is perfect for a quick easy quilt.

Two days after Market we opened for International Quilt Festival.  My booth grew and more quilts were added!  I had two friends helping in my booth for Festival, shown in picture.  Thanks to Carol and Cathy for their hard work and welcoming smiles!

Wendt Quilting booth
International Quilt Festival

Also added in my booth was my quilt for the Block Hop Around Festival.  I had the privilege to be a part of this great event with 11 other booths.  I have shown you bits and pieces of the quilt in progress over the last several weeks, now for the quilt…

Tasket Basket Quilt with
Edyta Sitar’s Something Blue Fabrics

Edyta Sitar’s Something Blue fabric line was our featured fabrics.  She stopped by my booth to see my version.  AND I got a photo with her.  I am happy to report she loved my quilt.  I will be offering a few quilt options and variations using these fabrics in the future.  My block is centered between us. (Yes, between our heads, teehee!)

A tip I don’t think I’ve talked about when attending a quilt show…

List of patterns!

#2 – Bring a list of your patterns, tools and books!  Here is a wonderful customer who shared her list of my patterns she already purchased.  Well done!  A great tip in action!

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2 Responses to Two Tip Tuesday – After Market and Festival

  1. Debbie, I don’t know if you remember us or not from the show… My son and I visited your booth and you let him pick out a quilt pattern of yours to take home. He was so awed by your generosity and he and I enjoyed talking with you so much. Thank you for being so kind! He is super excited to work on his quilt but we are waiting until after the holidays which will allow us a little more free time 🙂

    • debbiewendt says:

      Christen, Pleased that he is excited to work on a quilt! I love getting the next generation started. Please send a photo when his quilt is finished. Enjoy your time quilting with him!!

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