Two Tip Tuesday – Quilting Thread

I’ve got my full hexie quilt in the final stretch! This quilt was made for a guild challenge…ugly fabric. I received the white dainty flower fabric on brown as my ugly. Not bad at all! But someone wanted it out of their stash and I gained a great fabric for making full hexies. All the other fabrics were pulled from my stash!  The binding is all I have left, simple black will frame it nicely.

Partial view of Full Hexies Quilt D.W.

I want to share with you how I chose the thread. If I picked a light thread it would have jumped out on the solid black triangles. (Not the look I was going for on this quilt.) I looked at greens, but I didn’t have the right shade without having to go out a purchase more thread. Same with the burgundy. So… I had this brown…

Dark Brown Thread Choice

I thought it might be too dark, but I like that it didn’t show up on the black. I puddled the thread over all the fabrics and decided it would work well. Here are a few close ups of how the dark brown quilted over all the colors.  I was pleased!!

Full Hexies D.W.

Full Hexies D.W.

#1 – Audition your thread by pulling it off the cone and lay it over ALL the colors of your top. It will give a good look on how it blends or stands out. (Laying a cone of thread next to the fabric will not show how the single strand of thread looks when quilted.)
#2 – I prefer a dark thread quilted across light fabrics rather than a light thread across black on this quilt. I felt it blended better across the quilt.  The thread is a 50 weight, “So Fine” by Superior Threads.

Another quilt quilted and ready for my Learning Center lecture at the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, PA next week!
Now to get the binding sewn on and hand stitched!
Next week I’ll be setting up my booth in Lancaster, safe travels to those of you heading to the show.  Come by my booth #1158 and hoping we don’t get the snow we got last year. It is NOT in the forecast!
Speaking of weather…being from the Midwest, I have many family and friends and friend’s families in the areas of the horrific flooding along the Missouri River and most of Nebraska.  It is into Iowa and now down into Missouri. If you would be so kind to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. My friend, who was raised on a farm said it best…These are the people who feed our country!

in quilting,


P.S.  The pantograph I quilted is “Jacobean” by Willow Leaf Studios.

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