Two Tip Tuesday – More on Binding

A great week in Lancaster for AQS Quilt Week. (Yes, that is why I didn’t get a post done, busy setting up the booth!)  It was good to meet so many like minded people, quilty people!!  Thank you for visiting my booth, purchasing tools and patterns, attending the learning center Hexies demo, All-Star Review, World of Bindings lecture and Become a Brilliant Bindings class!!  I had a blast and enjoyed sharing bits of my quilting passion with YOU!!

An important topic that always gets questions and my attention is bindings and making perfect mitered corners.  In demonstrating bindings there are some specific steps that help make those miters perfect.  I’ll add photos below of key steps of the miter process.

1 – Stop sewing the same distance from the upcoming edge as the seam width you are using.  At the seam distance, leave needle in all layers, raise presser foot and stitch off into the corner.

Stopping point and stitch to corner.








2 – Flip the binding back so the raw edge is in line with the upcoming side edge.

Binding FLIP

3 – Flop the binding on top of itself in the new direction, keeping all edges even.

Binding FLOP

Tip- I call this the binding corner FLIP FLOP!







4- Sew down the new edge to the next corner and continue around the quilt.

To get the perfect miter on the front and back of the quilt…

5 – Turn the binding over the corner to the back.

Binding turned to the back.









6 – Whichever side of center has the fold on the front, that is the side that gets turned back first on the back.

Binding miter to back, folds on opposite sides
of center miter line.

Miter on back of quilt.










Tip- The folds should be on opposite sides from the front to the back.

Tip- If you have “nostrils”, the folds are on the same side adding thickness to the miter and NOT what you want for your miters.

Wrong turn
See the nostrils?!?









I hope these tips make your miters perfect!

in quilting,



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