Two Tip Tuesday – Tasket Basket Quilt, oops!

I’m in the throws of packing for Paducah and I’ll be bringing the “leftover” fabrics from the Something Blue Baskets Block Hop from Houston. I’ve got Fat Quarters and some yardage. Come by the booth early for best selection…when it is gone…it’s gone…and I don’t want you to miss out.

“Something Blue”…
Tasket Basket Quilt D.W.

For those of you who participated in the Hop and bought my finishing kit, your pattern MAY have a TYPO.

PLEASE!!  Double check the Square in a Square block measurement. It should read square to 4 3/4″ (not 3 1/2″) for their finished size of 4 1/4″.  As many times as I read and re-read and check numbers sometimes changes miss in getting to the final printing.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you have cut smaller blocks, no problem, add more blocks in the strip to fill the length.

Tips when making the Square in a Square blocks…

#1 – Always mark center points on all pieces.

Sq n Sq block pieces with center pins.








#2 – Align center points and stitch.

Align center pins and sew.









#3- Add half squares to opposite sides.

Sq n Sq opposite edges sewn.








#4 – Add third and fourth half square to remaining opposite sides.

Sq in Sq block!

#5 – Square up!

I hope you are able to enjoy BLUE skies in your area!  I also hope to see you in my booth next week in Paducah #2605!

in quilting,



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