Two Tip Tuesday – Paducah and beyond

I didn’t mean to have a two week break from the blog, it just happened before I realized it. I’m thrilled to report that Paducah was fantastic.  I enjoyd seeing so many stop by the booth.  We did a lot of demos and talked to so many.  I loved teaching Hexies and Honeycombs. It was a great class for learning, inspiration and ah-ha moments. Some now have a new love for “Paper Pieces” and handwork.  Several flower garden blocks left the room and fun starts with Honeycombs for Lucy Boston’s Patchwork of the Crosses.

Have you tried “Paper Pieces”?  I enjoy using them.  They are cardstock pieces cut into shapes.  They are a great for making Grandmother’s flower garden “go project”.

Grandmother’s Flower Gardens

Flower gardens and start of Honeycombs









1″ Hexie + 2 1/2″ square of fabric.  Trim to about 1/4″ around Paper Piece Hexie.  Turn fabric firmly over the edge and tack at each corner.  One down and many more to go!

Paper piece on fabric square.

Paper piece with trimmed fabric
and two corners tacked

Paper pieces with all corners tacked

Finished Hexie

Tips…#1 – Cut squares first, then trim.  This makes it easier to get fabrics ready to “go”.

#2 – Tack only at corners.  The directions suggest you stitch through the paper.  This takes extra time and hurts my fingers.  by only stitching the corner folds, it is also easier to remove papers!





My booth in Paducah!

Spring Paducah 2019

Thank you for continuing to follow me on the web and at shows.  My next stop is Spring Market in Kansas City.  It is going “home” for me, my hometown!  Keep a look out for a new Hex-a-ma-jig pattern in the coming weeks!

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