Two Tip Tuesday – Jelly Roll Rug

Last week I talked about making a jelly roll rug.

Jelly Roll Rug! D.W.

I’m loving the colors!  I used the pattern by Roma Lambson of RJ Designs.  40 jelly roll strips (2 1/2″ strips) were used.  I had a 24 pack of strips, plus cut and added 16 strips from my stash.  Need 2 1/2″ strips?  Yes, you can cut your own…tip #1!

Or purchase pre-cut strips.  There are some wonderful color combinations put together already for you!  A “jelly roll” was first introduced to the quilt world by Moda Fabrics.  Many fabric companies have their own set of 2 1/2″ strips.  Look for them in a local quilt shop near you!

I was in Charleston, SC for the AQS Quilt Week last week.  Here is a photo of my booth!  (before the “big” lights were turned on)

Wendt Quilting booth in
Charleston, SC






It was great to be in Charleston and thank you to all who came by my booth, shopped and came to the Learning Center for my talk on Hexies!  My friend Carol went with me to the show.  We had fun sightseeing the day after the show ended!  See the sights and learn the history of these wonderful town where quilt shows are held…tip #2!!

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