Two Tip Tuesday – Questions/Answers

What is on my mind? I have questions and I’d like for you to supply the answers (if you would be so kind?!). I’m considering some new classes to teach and want input of what do YOU want to know?

I’ve been quilting for over 30 years and I’ve seen some changes in the quilting world.  One thing that hasn’t changed, quilters love fabric, tools and learning new or new to them techniques.  So, back up to the question…how can I help you in your quilting journey?  What is an area(s) that you want more information?  I’d love to have your input!!

#1 – Share a tip with a quilting friend!

#2 – ALL quilters have opinions!  If you ask for advice, you will get the number of answers of people you ask.  Sometimes several from the same person.  Loads of design opportunities and in the end, it is your quilt and your decision!

The pictures below are of the items I made on Saturday at my guild’s “Bazaar Bonanza” workshop.  These will be donated to the St. Peter’s Christmas Bazaar.  We meet at their church hall for our workshops, we LOVE the space and donate items every year to help support their Bazaar.

Eye glass case D.W.

Bowl Cozy D.W.

Hot pad D.W.

















I’ll be in Hartford, CT on the 19th giving two lectures for the Greater Hartford Guild meeting.  I’ll be talking about the “Egyptian Tentmaker’s Applique” (Trunk show and power point of my time living in Egypt and the beautiful work of the Tentmakers!)  The second trunk show is of “My Quilting Journey” (A look at my 30+ years of quilting and my business in the quilting world!)  I hope to see some of you there!  Don’t forget to post your comments!

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