Two Tip Tuesday – Houston bound!

I’m on the road again…this time heading to Houston for Quilt Market and International Quilt Festival. I’ve got one more state to go through before I hit Texas.

Louisiana line!

Louisiana! A great place I got to call home for a couple years. I has been a l..o..n..g drive so far but I’m super excited for both shows!


I made up some kits for Festival using my “Done by Three” pattern. I love how it turned out. There will be a limited number of kits. When they’re gone, they’re gone. I have not done kits for several years, so I’m looking forward to the feedback. The quilt it below!!

Animal Skins using “Done by Three” pattern

I used 16 fat quarters and it went together in about three hours…YES, that is right!!! I did have help with pressing and cutting. (Thank you Priscilla and Cheryl!) We had the blocks together and arranged in just over an hour.  I quilted it on my Nolting longarm and I’ll put the binding on in the next couple days. FUN and funky!
#1- get some of your quilty friends to help make a quilt. It sure goes together much quicker and you’ll have fun doing it!

I had to get a bit creative tonight for my dinner. No plates…the ice bucket lid worked just fine! It was more important for me to sew on a binding than go out to eat. Pizza delivery! Perfect after long day of driving. (I think there are some tips in this paragraph….no time to cook…order pizza!)

Kleenex + ice bucket lid = plate









Speaking of kits, I’m participating in the Festival Shop Hop again this year. I can’t show my quilt until Festival opens, so stop by the booth (#100) and take a look! I’ll post pictures of my block and the quilt after Int. Quilt Festival opens next week.

I realized I made a play on words in the title…I’m bound for Houston and I bound a quilt tonight…!

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