Two Tip Tuesday – After Houston

I have had some wonderful days in Houston for Quilt Market and Festival. I’m still on the road heading home. I want to thank all the wonderful customers who shopped with me. My Take and Teach sessions were fun and I loved sharing with all the shop owners and a few non-owners who wanted to learn my techniques! I had FUN! A look below at one of my Take and Teach classes on “Y” Not – Teaching a Set-In Seam.

Take and Teach 2019
“Y” Not!





A shout out to Janie and Jan for giving me help during Market.  Janie, your help with set-up was invaluable!! My Market Booth is below…

Wendt Quilting
Quilt Market 2019







And my great helpers, Cathy and Carol!!! I couldn’t have done Festival without your help. I expanded into a double booth!  My shop/block hop quilt was well received.  I’m pleased so many chose my finishing setting.  My block is the top middle “Aquamarine Trapezoid Star”

“Gemstone of Stars”
Block Hop Quilt 2019

I’ll work on getting a better photo soon.  This photo does not do justice to the beautiful border color.  Sorry to say I missed getting a photo of my Festival booth.  Very silly of me but how it goes some days.  If anyone out there took a photo of my booth, please send it to me!

Since I’m on the road my tips will be short and sweet…

#1- Clear your camera/phone before heading to a quilt show…you won’t want to run out of space!

#2 – Comfortable shoes are a must at Quilt Shows!

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