Two Tip Tuesday – coloring and travel

Today I want to share one of my quilt patterns and how coloring can change the look. Diamond Tipped Tools was designed using Brilliant Bindings. The cover quilt has some yummy “fall type” coloring with purples/golds/rusts made by my friend Priscilla.






While this latest version was made by my Aunt Jody in some wonderful batiks.







The quilt I usually hang in my booth has a completely different take with brights.

Diamond Tipped Tools – Brights

I love seeing the different version of the same design! They are all wonderful and can often times look like a different quilt.  I love the idea of similar but different!!

#1 – play with color and color combinations to change the look of a quilt.

I’ve mentioned this before, but saying again…I LOVE getting pictures of the quilts you have made with my patterns!  It is fun to see YOUR interpretation.  So, please send me pictures of your quilts.  I would love to share them on this blog.

I talked last week about having time to do some piecing.  This is my setup when I travel and sometimes at home.

My “travel” set up!

I love the portable table by “SewEzi”.  It is easy to set up and has a great flat surface with the custom made insert for the bed of the machine.  My sleek “Daylight” portable light is wonderful for these ‘ol eyes!  It can be bent and aimed to light up just the right spot.  I have the “Slimline” version by the Daylight Company.

#2- Lighting is important!  Find a good sewing light to “light up” your life…and work area.  It sure helps me in reducing eye strain.

And bonus…#3 – My Flat Mat Bag,  the pink bag shown in the picture, is great for carrying my 18″ x 24″ mat, 24″ rulers and more!

I’m not affiliated with the companies listed (except my own patterns …grin…), I like their products and want to share my finds!

in quilting,


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