Two Tip Tuesday – coloring continued

It was great to hear feedback on the coloring of my “Diamond Tipped Tools” pattern. The photo below was sent to me by Patty Wheeler and she calls it “Out of the Darkness Into the Light”.

Diamond Tipped Tools
“Out of the Darkness Into the Light” by Patty W.

Great name for a great quilt! I LOVE her change from darks to lights in this beautiful quilt. Thank you for sharing your talents, Patty.  She said she had fun playing with value.

On another subject of coloring, below is our grandson’s quilt. He chose the colors he wanted and idea of circles (I picked all the fabrics and changed up the idea of two different size circles.)
I love how it turned out! And here is a picture of Grandpa and grandson with his quilt. He loves it! I look forward to seeing it on his bed before we leave. YES, I’m still hand sewing the binding! Some things take more time!!

Grandpa and Nicholas with his quilt!








Fun thing about delivering grandson Nicholas’ quilt to Florida, the coloring goes perfectly with the surroundings down here! We are loving our view!  The quilt picture was taken on a gray day in New England, the colors are a tad brighter!

Florida view!

Nicholas’ Circle Quilt











#1 – Need ideas for coloring?  Look at your surroundings.  Nature gives some amazing color palettes!



There was a bonus with Nicholas’ quilt, the back was as fun as the front! Who knew the stabilizer from the machine sewn applique circles could have been another design element…even if it is on the back side of the quilt and will never be seen!

#2 – Inspiration can sometimes come from the most unusual places…even the wrong side of a quilt top!

Back of Nicholas’ quilt.

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