Two Tip Tuesday – New Year’s Eve

This will be the last tips of the year!! wink, wink!! Wishing all of you a HAPPY and SAFE New Year’s Eve!  I’m looking forward to new quilts for the new year.  I have several personal quilts to make and new patterns/quilts ready to quilt, write and publish.

Today, I mailed a fun quick/easy fleece blanket to my daughter-in-law.  Yes, it is actually a blanket, not a quilt.  She will probably see this post before it arrives. (Oh well!  She knows it is coming!)  With all the sales this winter, I took advantage of buying 2 yards of fleece.  I trimmed it up and finishing the edges with a blanket stitch.  Easy peasy!  I used a chenille yarn to keep the edges soft.

For the steps…

I put a knot in the tail and came up in the 1/4″- 3/8″ fold.  I measured the fold with the wonder clips. The depth of the stitch was the depth of the fold.

Blanket Stitch Knot
Hide in fold!








That width of the wonder clip then become how wide I made the blanket stitch.  I only used two wonder clips, moving them along as I made each stitch.  (I did take a few stitches between step photos.)

Blanket Stitch measure fold
and stitch with Wonder Clips

Blanket Stitch move Wonder Clip
over to make next stitch









Pulling the “threaded” needle (size 13 Tapestry) through the loop to make the stitch.  And the finish!

Blanket Stitch needle through
loop to make stitch

Blanket Stitch
Finishing the stitch










I spent a couple days/nights in front of the TV watching football games and I got it DONE!

Blanket Stitch Blanket

I had so much fun hand stitching this blanket, I just might make another!!

Happy end to 2019 and looking forward to more tips and quilty things to come in 2020!

in quilting,


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