Two Tip Tuesday – 2020

Welcome 2020!! I can think of all kinds of puns for seeing clearly for this new year! It will be a fun year! I ended 2019 with tips on making a blanket stitch on a blanket I made for my daughter-in-law. I’m happy to report, she loves it!! The material I used on hers was actually high plush like a minky fabric.  It was easy to get the needle though the fibers.  I enjoyed the blanket stitch so much I’ve decided to work on a fleece one.  This next one is more of your typical polar fleece and is difficult to push a blunt tapestry needle through.  So, I purchased a perforating blade to make holes in the fleece.  Now, I’m able to get the needle through without making a mess of the fleece.  See the blade below.  I have no affiliation with this company but one of the few who I’ve found who make this type of rotary blade.

Perforating Blade

Perforating blade in my rotary cutter
instead of a regular blade









I measured 3/8″ in from the edge and cut with the perforating blade.  This will make the holes about the same distance from the edge as they are apart.  I will not turnover the edge as I did on the last one.  (I could, but find it not necessary as the fleece will not fray.)  I put the needle through a few holes so you can see how the blade cut through the fleece.  I made sure I stopped cutting right at the 3/8″ corner, so the corner stitching would be EVEN!

Holes cut in fleece





To turn the corner…

Take a blanket stitch in the last hole at the corner.

Blanket stitch
Last stitch on this side








Now, take another blanket stitch back in the same hole.  When pulling the yarn through the loop, be sure it lands right at the corner point.

Blanket stitch – corner stitch

Blanket stitch – first stitch of new side

Continue with another blanket stitch back into that same corner hole to make the first stitch on the other side of the corner.  The corner hole will actually have three stitches made in it.  This makes for a pretty even corner!!


Blanket stitch
continue down new side


Below is another fleece blanket with a different edge.  My dear friend Becky made it for me.  She used the perforating blade but did a crochet stitch to finish the edge.  I LOVE it!!  I’m better with needle and chenille yarn, so I will admire her beautiful work and show you here as inspiration for any of you that crochet.

Crochet edge on fleece










#1 – Try a perforating rotary blade to make hole in fleece to stitch a blanket stitch edge.

#2 – To make a beautiful even corner with a blanket stitch, work the last stitch of a side, the corner stitch and the first stitch of the next side in the same hole.

in quilting,



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