Two Tip Tuesday – Hometown PROUD!!

They did it! My hometown Kansas City CHIEFS are Super Bowl Champs!!! I am so proud of their never quit attitude and another come from behind win!!! I’m not sure I can put enough exclamation points in this paragraph!!!!!
All those fleece blankets I made for Christmas presents were so worth the time! They were a FUN project even if they weren’t quilts. Some times I just need to sew and be energized in hometown love of my teams!! I was born in Missouri and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  In case you missed my fleece project…

Using Longarm template for my curved edge!

I was in the process of cutting round corners so I could make one continuous serge around the entire blanket.


Since RED has been my color all last week and again this week for my CHIEFS, I thought I’d give a few tips on choosing red fabrics.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and maybe you will be choosing some red fabrics to make a special gift for a sweetheart or friend in your life?!?  To make a successful quilt using only one color scheme, be sure to add in many variations of that base color.  Below is several reds I pulled from my stash to show an example.

Red fabrics with variety!

Don’t stick with matchy, matchy.  Choose bright reds, purple reds, burgundy reds, orange-y reds.  They will all work together to add interest so the quilt does not look “flat” (boring).   These reds were difficult to photograph, but I hope you see the differences.

#1 – Choose MANY shades of reds from bright hot red to burgundy reds!

Here is another example of my Brilliant Swirl pink quilt.  When it is hanging in the booth, it looks like a pink quilt.  BUT, the interest lies in all the variety of pinks that I used.

Brilliant Swirl quilt below Brilliant Charms

From purple pink, to hot pink, to light pink…they all work beautifully together to blend into a PINK quilt!







#2 – Refrain from picking matchy, matchy colors when making a one color/monochromatic quilt.

Do you have any red or pink quilts in your future?

in quilting,


KC proud!  Chieeeeeefs!

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