Two Tip Tuesday – Cutting Curves

I’m diligently working on an overdue quilt. It is a double wedding ring. I thought I’d give a couple tips on cutting the curves of this design. I’ll be showing some piecing tips next week. I’m using Marti Michell’s template set. I like how she gives grain lines on the templates and has holes at the 1/4″ corner points. I did add “True Grips” to help prevent the templates from moving as I cut.

As you can see in the first photo…

Double Wedding Ring
template and cutting

I’ve put the template on the fabric. I ALWAYS cut away from myself and NEVER back at myself. I can place my cutting mat on the corner of a table and move my body around the the other side or use a rotating cutting mat!  The mat shown in the photo is called “Brooklyn Revolver” that I got years ago!  I don’t believe these are still on the market.  However, there are others out there.

The beauty of cutting on a rotating mat, you can make a cut and turn the mat so your next cut is away from you.  That way you are never cutting back toward yourself!  The next few photos are the order I cut around the arc template.  Notice how the words on the mat are in a different position each time.  The edge I am cutting is on the right as I am right handed.  For you left hand-ers, you will cut on the left side.

First cut along longest outside curve

Second cut across end.
Notice mat was turned!

Third cut on inside curve.
Mat turned yet again!

Fourth cut across other end.
Final turn of mat.
























So the tips include…

1- Always cut away from yourself.  You don’t ever want to slip and cut into your body!

2- Add true grips to the back on a template to keep it from slipping as you cut against it.

3- Use a rotating mat when you need to cut completely around a template.

4- Or you can use a smaller regular mat and rotate the mat.

5- Use a smaller cutter for deeper curves.  I was able to easily cut with a 45mm on this gentle inside curve.

If you have a favorite rotating mat, let us know in the comments section!  I’ll be checking out some options when I go to Daytona Beach for the AQS Quilt Week in a couple weeks, Feb. 26th-29th.  It will be my first show of the year!  I’ll be on the opposite side of the hall in a larger booth!  More room to show more quilts!!  Hope to see you there!  Go forth and cut curves, safely and efficiently!

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