Two Tip Tuesday – Getaways with tips

I spent the weekend at a guild Getaway in North Falmouth on Cape Cod. A Getaway is like a Retreat.  We call them Getaways, some call them a Runaway! Runaway all weekend to sew with like minded quilters!! These events are great to sew, sew, sew, quilt, quilt, quilt, learn and share ideas and tips!  Plus, we had a great view!!

Cape Cod Sunset!

We work on our own projects.  There were two quilters who brought their jelly roll rugs to finish from our workshop a while back.  It is always fun to see their “Ta-DONE” projects!  Below are two of the rugs.  Carol V.’s is the blue/white and Kathleen L.’s is the browns/black/burgundy.  Wonderful job ladies!

Carol V’s Rug

Kathleen L’s Rug















We discussed a couple tips as they completed their rug.  First, how do you keep the rug sliding if you don’t have a smooth table?  (We work on wooden tables with table clothes.  The tables have seen a lot of use 😉 !)  Carol placed her Teflon pressing sheet on the table which helped the rug slide.  Wonderful idea!

#1 – If you do not have a smooth sewing surface, create on with a Teflon pressing sheet.

Carol’s rug with Teflon sheet.
To “smooth the way”.

When Kathleen was finished with her rug, she wanted to smooth out a couple spots.  So, instead of standing at the ironing board, she sprayed “Best Press” over the entire rug and laid it out on a table with another heavy pressing board on top over night.  Voila!  A wonderfully smooth rug with out ironing.  We took Carol’s rug and did the same the following night!  See the table on Carol’s rug below.

#2 – To flatten a “Jelly Roll Rug”, spray with spray starch (we used “Best Press”) and lay something heavy on it over night.  Flat as a pancake in the morning.  The portable ironing board is by “TNT Quilt Boards”.

Carol V’s Rug
Spray Starch + Table = flat rug









Another, ahhh, oops and tip…don’t leave your directions under the piece you are sewing.  Yep!  It got sewn to her piece.  That is 8+ pieces of paper.  No wonder the needle sounded like it was having trouble.  We laughed and the seam ripper saw some action.

Yes, your machine can sew through 8+ layers of paper, Tee Hee!

Bonus #3 – Do you know where your directions are?!?

All in all, we had a great time.  Loads of laughs and loads of sewing/quilting!

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