Two Tip Tuesday – Sew…what do you need?

I’ve been watching email after email about stores closing… for now, groups, guilds and shows.  (AQS Lancaster Downtown is cancelled, Spring Quilt Market is cancelled and AQS Spring Paducah is postponed to Sept. 2-5.)  Many are following each other on the web and showing what they are working on. We have been encouraged to make face masks for the health industry, but then gotten scolded for doing it as it is not what they think it should be. We don’t have the materials to make the N95 masks, but isn’t something better than nothing? We are sewing and making because that is what we do when we need to help. Let us do that! If they don’t use them, they don’t. Let us sew and feel needed! Make the ones you want to make, don’t judge, MAKE!! Make it how you want to. Give to those who will take them, they requested them, so we make them!! I rant, it is my right and now rant over.

Today, my question to you….what do you need? I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing.  My guess is that you are already involved in a sew/quilt along project.  Or you have mounds of projects you need to start or finish.  So, I want to know, how can I help YOU?
Do you have sewing/piecing questions?

Do you have quilting questions?

Do you have finishing questions?

Please ask in the comments and I will work on answering them!  I’d like nothing better then to be teaching a class or answering questions in my booth.  We’ll go for the safe distance and do this remotely.

Tip #1 –  Sometimes we need to take a step back and do what feels good to us.  Is that sewing?  Maybe.  Or sitting and watching a movie?  Maybe.  Or playing Sudoku for the 100th time?  Maybe.  Do for YOU!

Tip #2 – Check in on those you care about.  A text or call might just brighten their day!

This happened yesterday…

March 23, 2020






But this was a few days before…

Look both ways!


Stay safe and well!

in quilting,


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