Two Tip Tuesday – Doing what we can!

I hope you and your loved ones are staying well and safe! First, I want to share a funny …..(I have permission to share!)
My mom and dad went grocery shopping the other day. Their store has their aisles set up with ONE WAY arrows. Mom was pushing her cart across the ends of the aisles, got to the end of the cracker aisle and the arrow was coming towards her. Soooo, she turned her cart around and walked backwards to grab what she needed. I laughed so hard!!!  This, my friends, is what an 81 year old does to make the best of a trying situation.  Love my parents!

More shows have been cancelled.  Vermont Quilt Festival just cancelled yesterday, I was going to be vending.  Thanks to a local designer I know, she has put together an online event… Designers Quilt!!  Great idea Kathryn!  I will be a part of this event!  My day is April 15 along with several other designers.  April 13-19 will be the virtual show.  Each day, except the last, will have 4-5 designers highlighted.  Please visit their websites, Facebook pages and blogs!  Shopping with them is encouraged and we are grateful for your support.

At the “end of the show” there will be prizes!  All the information will be outlined on the website.  I’ll post a full list in the next couple days.  We appreciate your support.  We love designing for you and look forward to sharing our world of quilting with you.  The link for the event/website is

Designers Quilt Show

I wanted to share the block I made last week for Beth Helfter’s “Order Up!” event.  She is the owner of EvaPaige Quilt Designs.  We ended up with 18 blocks and were asked to use all 18 in a block adding in what we wanted.  Below is the block I sewed after much play.  My block is huge, as my half squares ended up 5″ finished.  It was a fun project to make.  Now to finish it into something!  Maybe a charity quilt.

My “Order Up!” block








Thank you for continuing to make face masks!

Face masks with inside pocket
and wire across bridge of nose

My tips today show how I make the pleats in the masks I’m making.  You can measure to mark exact placement of each pleat or wing it.

Most pleated masks can handle 3 or 4 pleats. 

#1 – I like to measure 1″ increments and fold to match pin to pin.  Adjust so the pleats do not overlap.

Folding pleat in 1″ increments.

Pinching a pleat.






I’m now winging it and not measuring. 

#2 – I pin to my wool ironing mat.  It really helps hold it in place.  Pinch about a 1/2″ pleat and press into place.  Making sure the pleat is lining up across the mask.

folding pleat in place

I then stitch a basting stitch across the pleats, removing the pins.  It keeps everything in place for the modified binding I put on the edge.  I prefer this method because I don’t have as many layers to sew through! 

Please stay safe and well!

in quilting,




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