Two Tip Tuesday – Machine feet

Has Spring arrived where you are? We are having a sunny day and it really helps me smile.  Have you been running your sewing machine non-stop?  I’m curious if you are sewing masks or surgical caps, or piecing, or quilting.  Inquiring minds…??

I moved upstairs to get more sunlight.  The featherweight I sew on needed a foot change, I had used a walking foot on it last.  So my tips today will be focused on feet.

#1 – When you unscrew the screw to change feet, do NOT unscrew all the way.  Leave it partially on.  This helps keep it in place!  Easier than trying to get the screw back.

Leave screw partially screwed in

New foot in place without having to
re-find the hole






#2- I used a screw driver to make sure the foot was on good and tight.  Remember righty~tighty… lefty~loosey!  Turn to the right to tighten and turn to the left to loosen.

Re-tighten with screwdriver.




I should clarify, this is for the ankle of the feet that slip on.  Not the ones that have a hole.  You would need to take the screw completely out for those.  Also, some machines have quick change feet that snap onto the ankle.

in quilting,



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