Two Tip Tuesday – A Finish, Fun Fabric and more Cancellations

Another day and more shows cancel. I’m very sad to say AQS has cancelled Lancaster-The Nook and Charleston, SC.  I was to teach at both of these shows.  For my students who had signed up for my classes, I’m sorry these shows won’t happen. So disappointing, but I understand it is out of most of our hands, including AQS.  Spring Quilt Market is going to be virtual. That is scheduled for the first week in June.  I’ll be presenting two Schoolhouse sessions.  I’m not sure what my “booth” will look like.  I will definitely have photos of some products and links.  As I know more on other shows, I’ll keep you posted.

A FUN finish!  My friend Nancy B. sent me a picture of the Boxy Bag she made.  She laughed that it had been an unfinished project too long.  No Longer!  It is fabulous.  Well done Nancy!!  I love it!  You can find the pattern HERE on my website.

“Boxy Bag” by Nancy B.

My tips this week is thanks to another friend Diane Z.  She was ripping the paper off the back of her paper piecing project at a getaway this winter and said I’ve got a tip for you….she was using her “purple thang” to lift the paper and run it along the seam line to soften the paper at the stitches.  It made it much easier to lift up the paper and away/out from the stitches.  Fantastic and no ruining the nail polish <grin>.

Using “Purple Thang” to remove paper.

Using “Purple Thang” to
run along stitching line

Tip #1 – Lift paper away from stitches with a “Purple Thang”.  It saves the fingernail polish and helps work the paper away from the stitching line.

#2 – Run the flat edge of the “Purple Thang” along the stitching line to loosen the paper away from the stitches. 

Thanks for the tips, Diane!

I was super excited yesterday…. I got to go fabric shopping!  YES, in a real quilt shop!  Ryco in Rhode Island was open to the public.  Must wear mask, must stay 6 feet apart, must follow arrows.  HEY, I can do that to “oogle” FABRIC.  Look at my treasures…

“Sahara” by Cotton + Steel

I love camels (note my logo).  These Cotton + Steel fabrics were listed on Ryco’s website a few months ago.  I’m excited they still had some left.  And now it is mine, all mine!  It felt really good to walk through the shop.  Cheryl and I had fun looking for fabric for a new project.  Details of that Hexie quilt will be coming in a pattern very soon.  Be well!

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